Fish Idaho!

Fishing season finds me commuting between Twin Bridges, Montana and beautiful Island Park, Idaho. While in Idaho, I guide for World Cast Anglers and fish the Henry's Fork, the South Fork of the Snake, and the Teton.

In Idaho fishing is timed to chase the Salmon Fly hatch around eastern Idaho, especially the South Fork. We can also go for the world-famous Green and Brown Drake hatches on the Henry's Fork. Fall trips are timed for the beautiful colors, less crowds, and prolific blue-winged olive and mahogany dun hatches.

Think about running my famous, FIVE RIVERS-FIVE DAYS, where we run the Big Hole, Beaverhead, Madison, Henry's Fork, and South Fork!

Henry's Fork

Argueably, the Henry's Fork is easily the best flyfishing river ever. Its tremendously varied in water type, from flat, challenging, dryfly, monster rainbow water to fast, whitewater, nymphing, monster brown water. And, everything in between.

Hatches on the Henry's Fork are world famous. World famous. People come from everywhere to fish the hatches of the Henry's Fork. Salmonflies are great, but the truly legendary hatches are the green and brown drake, the Flav, the PMD, mahogany dun, and blue-winged olive hatches.

Spend some time in Island Park and experience these hatches. Oh, and let's not forget the epic rainbows rising to those hatches.

South Fork

That's the South Fork of the Snake River. It's known for its big water, prolific salmon fly, golden stone, and PMD dry fly action; and huge cutthroats, browns, and 'bows! It's the perfect western drift boat river.

If you like drifting big western rivers throwing dries, the South Fork is your river. It's hard to beat being parked on a gravel bar throwing PMD dries for hours to rising fish.

Think about an overnight trip on the South Fork. Fish your way 16 miles into an awesome camp - wall tents, hors d'oeuvres, cocktails, dinner, awesome breakfast, fish 14 miles out. The perfect blend of fly fishing, glamping, and floating.

Teton River

The most awesome dryfly cutthroat river, period. And, for the adventurous, class whitewater. Yep, no kidding. One year out of 6 trips down the canyon section, three people were launched out of the boat. If you're afraid to get wet, we'll stick to the South Fork. Oh, did I mention the 700-foot vertical put in where we have to belay the boats down? If you want the best dryfly fishing around, a little hike down a cliff, and whitewater action, let's run the Teton Canyon Section.

To be fair, however, there are great non-extreme sections of the Teton River holding great cutts as well. The high-walled canyon scenery on this river is spectaculaly breathtaking.

Pick a River

Big Hole - Montana

The Last, Best river.

Beaverhead - Montana

Four words baby. Land of The Giants.

Madison - Montana

Fifty-plus miles of the best trout riffle known.

Henry's Fork - Idaho

Arguably, the best fly fishing river ever.

South Fork - Idaho

It's the perfect western drift boat river.

Teton - Idaho

The most awesome dry fly cutthroat river, period.